Why do Royal Families still exist in Western countries?

Why do Royal Families still exist in Western countries?

May 18, 2018 Charter by admin
Britain’s royal family wedding seem undemocratic, antiquated and very disrespectful and it’s Hard to believe that a democratic country like United States of America and its major Media outlets seems so obsessed with flooding the American public with unwanted news. ninety percent of the U.S public don’t give a fuck about the royal family of Britain. We’ve […]

Time out… We cant allow Israel actions to go unchallenged

May 16, 2018 Charter by admin
What is happening in the middle east to the Palestinian people is a tragedy.  The killing of  non violent protestors by the  government of Israel is totally unacceptable. This is something web users all around the world must condemn by all means necessary. People are being murdered for protesting non violently, This shouldn’t be happening […]

Get Protected before Net Neutrality is dismantled

May 16, 2018 Charter by admin
Web users world wide will be negatively affected by the demolishing of net neutrality. the luxury and freedom of accessing informational and educational sites will be a thing of the past very shortly. As a global community of web users we must come together before the people who controls our web access divide and conquers […]

Will Artificial intelligence replace judges in America

May 16, 2018 Charter by admin
With a growing numbers of states facing bankruptcy and more and more Americans living below poverty levels the likely hood of replacing judges with robots is the wises thing to do. The justice systems in three of the five largest cities in America rely on unethical payments from citizens accused of traffic and parking violations […]

Fight Back-Net neutrality set to end on June 11

May 15, 2018 Charter by admin
Once again American citizens are being cheated by the one’s that are hired to protect them. There is absolutely  no reason the  FCC should allow companies like ATT and other internet providers to block, or  slow down access to specific online services. This new rule that is set to take affect on June 11th 2018  will […]

AT&T Cant be trusted

May 4, 2018 Charter by admin
AT&T CANT BE TRUSTED United States Number one Wireless Telephone provider say’s it’s merger with time warner will provide cheaper internet prices to millions of internet users. But can AT&T be trusted? History says no, The U.S government as filed countless anti trust lawsuits against  AT&T. Some argue that the company has the worse customer […]