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Internet Users Guild is a non-profit organization operated for international educational, charitable, and scientific purposes, among which are: To facilitate and support all web users.To educate the communities and the public concerning the Internet. To promote safety and education of Internet services for the benefit of all web users, and the public at large. The suggestions and recommendations of all parties interested in the Internet are solicited to assist in making the the Web Users Guild robust, productive, and structured to meet the needs of its members.

The More creative we become the less powerful they  are

Jun 12, 2018 Charter by admin
The effects of net- neutrality   You may not see any change in your internet service yet, because the internet service providers (ISP) are smart enough not to implement any changes quickly, but they are greedy enough to add additional meaningless fees slowly but surely over the next 6 months to a year. Best believe […]

FCC finally made it worse for all web users

Jun 11, 2018 Charter by admin
June 11th , 2018 is the day the FCC diseased the the internet. We no longer have equal access to all web content. Internet service providers now have the power to block websites, throttle services and censor online content. They will have the right to discriminate and favor the internet traffic of those companies with […]

Who Owns Your Telephone Number

Jun 8, 2018 Charter by admin
Who owns the Telephone Numbering ®™© Code System where all Telephone numbers derive from? Have you ever wondered why, you can’t own your Telephone Number®™©. There are over 5 billion Wireless Telephone®™© users world-wide. more than at any time in history. Its hard to imagine anybody not having one. No matter where you look or […]

Why do Royal Families still exist in Western countries?

May 18, 2018 Charter by admin
Britain’s royal family wedding seem undemocratic, antiquated and very disrespectful and it’s Hard to believe that a democratic country like United States of America and its major Media outlets seems so obsessed with flooding the American public with unwanted news. ninety percent of the U.S public don’t give a fuck about the royal family of Britain. We’ve […]

Time out… We cant allow Israel actions to go unchallenged

May 16, 2018 Charter by admin
What is happening in the middle east to the Palestinian people is a tragedy.  The killing of  non violent protestors by the  government of Israel is totally unacceptable. This is something web users all around the world must condemn by all means necessary. People are being murdered for protesting non violently, This shouldn’t be happening […]

Get Protected before Net Neutrality is dismantled

May 16, 2018 Charter by admin
Web users world wide will be negatively affected by the demolishing of net neutrality. the luxury and freedom of accessing informational and educational sites will be a thing of the past very shortly. As a global community of web users we must come together before the people who controls our web access divide and conquers […]