$$Loans for Web Based companies

$$Loans for Web Based companies

Nov 21, 2017 Charter by admin

Domain name users are growing ever-more concerned with the present erosion of online liberties including potential financial ramifications. No organized action or centralized representation apparatus has been available to protect the users, offset potential hostile policies, or provide a networking hub so that users can organize, network, interface, or develop strategies and tactics to maintain, improve, and maximize their collective and individual domain name owning experience. Plus there is money they can make by having such an apparatus.

The WEB USERS GUILD provides an all-encompassing and perfect solution to challenges Web Users users face now and will face in the near to intermediate term. Plus there are many added incentives for web users to join including financial incentives. There is nothing available to address the issues of this huge group of web users which number into the Billions worldwide. THE GUILD vast array of lenders understands the fundamental needs of this gigantic and ever-growing market.

  • Deals & Discounts. Web Users Guild members are eligible for exclusive deals on  entertainment, car rentals, insurance, medical visits, prescriptions, real estate, legal services and more. Just log in as a member  and click in “Deals and Discounts” under Member Services.
  • Web users guild offers its Speeddollars.com loans backed by the certificated WUG Bond issues, to qualified website domain name holders, that are familiar with Visa, MC, Discover card, Bank of America card and the like. Each Speed dollar loan is secured by a valuable ICANN approved asset — the subject website itself.

For more information contact us: info@webusersguild.org

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