U.S has the most Expensive Internet rates in the world. why? We created the internet.

Why are internet service providers eagerly awaiting the repeal of “Net-neutrality”?

Mar 23, 2018 Charter by admin
With so many beneficial variables at their disposal to choose from by the repealing of net-neutrality, Telecommunication companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast are eagerly awaiting for the opportunity to take advantage all web users. “There is no way the FTC will be able to regulate U.S telecommunications industry effectively“.Internet providers will have broad powers to determine […]


Mar 21, 2018 Charter by admin
You’re not alone, Most web users have complaints about their Internet providers and the numbers continues to grow with the dwindling numbers ISP providers . hidden fees popping up lack of options-choices ineffective equipment identity theft suspicious emails incompetent technicians Inconsistency of WiFi configurations slow computer/network Restricted Web access data caps issues Do you have complaints […]

TRUTH: United States of America has 3rd world internet service

Nov 29, 2017 Charter by admin
Nathan B.Stubblefield the founder and inventor of the wireless Telephone and the telephone numbering code system in which Our IP address system derived from is rolling over in his grave knowing that telecommunication companies like ATT,Verizon and Tmobile, are depriving U.S consumers of high speed internet service. Its already bad enough that that they dupped […]

FCC sends notice, dismantle “Net Neutrality”

Nov 21, 2017 Charter by admin
WASHINGTON, November 21, 2017. — FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel released the following statement: “Today the FCC circulated its sweeping roll back of our net neutrality rules. Following actions earlier this year to erase consumer privacy protections, the Commission now wants to wipe out court-tested rules and a decade’s work in order to favor cable and […]

$$Loans for Web Based companies

Nov 21, 2017 Charter by admin
Domain name users are growing ever-more concerned with the present erosion of online liberties including potential financial ramifications. No organized action or centralized representation apparatus has been available to protect the users, offset potential hostile policies, or provide a networking hub so that users can organize, network, interface, or develop strategies and tactics to maintain, […]