The More creative we become the less powerful they  are

The More creative we become the less powerful they  are

The effects of net- neutrality


You may not see any change in your internet service yet, because the internet service providers (ISP) are smart enough not to implement any changes quickly, but they are greedy enough to add additional meaningless fees slowly but surely over the next 6 months to a year. Best believe the political move to repeal net neutrality by the republican party will definitely pay off for behemoth’s Like ATT, Verizon , Amazon, Apple and google. These Companies are in the business to make money and lots of it and they will do anything and have shown that they will do anything to destroy whoever comprises that. In the early 2000’s the internet seen a boom of new start-ups. they were popping up everywhere. Innovation was enticing people from all walks of life to become creative , People were creating small business that were being bought up by the dozens. Education was easily accessible, we could easily learn how to do anything from the confines of your home. The world seen a way to connect without the middle man, we could finally Learn from one another and benefit from one another. Now that is short lived. The Internet Service providers see those opportunities as danger. The More creative we become the less powerful they  are.

 We must come together.

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